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Can I please have the names of all the soundtracks playing in the game? Please, please, The music is just awesome! Especially at the moment where the main character jerks off, listening to the groans of the Brave.. And also the music playing on the home screen when you just enter the game is just aaaaa

Sorry for my bad English, English is not my native language and I am not friends with him, I hope you were able to grasp the essence of what I was trying to convey to you in my comment

Hi Agzqfbca!

The Symbiant's tunes were made by BrightBone and aren't released on places like Spotify or Youtube yet, so you won't find them in a playlist. The OST will be available when the game is released (on February) and BrightBone will make it available through various platform though!


Thank you for responding! I will look forward to it^^

I have a question, will the game have any other language like Spanish or some other?

The game will be available in 12 languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese-Brazilian
  • Spanish (specifically, "neutral" Spanish)
  • Thai
  • Korean

Right now, half of these languages is already implemented!


 Oh okey, thank you ^^

just having some trouble understanding everything...i pre-ordered the game but this does not mean that I can play beta? Only the full game on februrary?

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- The full game is set at $20 and will be downloadable on February after it is released
- The beta is at $105, is immediately downloadable after purchase and currently allows you to play 90% of the full game
- The beta is updated at least 2x a month with new content. It will later include DLC content as well and will keep being updated until ~Autumn 2023.

Hope it helps! 

playing the web version... should you be able to see the nsfw scenes? i'm pretty sure i'm not on the sfw work one, anyways.. but whenever a scene should come up, it doesnt..? not sure if this is an issue on my end or what :')

You can activate NSFW content in the Options menu! We're planning updating the web version with a build that enables it by default.

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thank you for the great work! I finished the demo and I was in tears when the MC was given a second chance. Rlly looking forward to the full version!

Seems like you played the beta and not the demo, but we're glad you liked it all the same! :D

Will the DLCs be available to purchase on Steam as well once the game is released?



Yay!! That's super great to hear! I'll definitely be getting them! :) 

Hi there,I just wonder if the finished version will also have Chinese?

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Greetings! When the full game is released in February 2023, we are aiming to have Chinese both Traditional and Simplified included.


That's a good mews for me,thanks for your reply!

You're welcome :D

I don't understand how to add the NSFW CGs to the game. All I get are SFW cut-aways where NSFW scenes would be.

Hi fygb, 

What version number are you playing? You can see which version at the bottom right of the title screen.

It's possible that adult content is disabled in the Options/Preferences menu.

Version N-0.3.6 In the options, I have Dialogue Box Transparency, Volume, Text Options, Skip Mode, and Voice Action. There isn't any option to turn adult content on or off.

Thanks for letting us know. We'll look into it and release a fix as soon as possible.


We finally updated the demo! Apologies for the delay; the adult content should show now and there should be the option to enable it.

Hello -  Just jumped in from looking at your offering on Steam.  Since I know they offer non-PC versions of other games and I see you offer them here (ITCH), why is the only version that came up on Steam was the one for Windows?

Thanks for the great work.  I'm looking forward to the latest demo, and will be buying the full game.  And, concerning that, thanks for pricing your games so that those of us on fixed incomes can afford them.  As you observe in response to an earlier comment, not everyone lives in countries or situations where budgets make games affordable.

Hi Hesperes,

Thanks for your interest in the game! To answer your Mac question, uploading a Mac version on Steam would require a number of time and money-consuming steps such as:

  • buying a macbook with Catalina or later (neither of us own one right now)
  • filing papers to get a developer license on Apple store
  • pay $100 every year to keep that license
  • having the time to support any Mac user that may run into issues

Mac sales on itch account for anywhere between 1-2% of sales. As such, we can't justify investing that much manpower for such a small userbase on Steam, where at any given moment, Apple may release an update that will completely break the game on Mac. The more time pass, the less the $100/year will make sense for us, and the more likely someone is to run into that an OS update-related issue.

We can, however, offer the game on itchio where we could provide assistance for the odd Mac user who might contact us once in a blue moon for help as opposed to dozens of troubled Steam users --that we can afford.

Here's what we can offer: if you buy the game on Steam when it comes out, email us at with a copy of the Steam email receipt of The Symbiant and we will send you an itchio key.


Hello -

Thank you for your quick response and kind offer.  Your reasons were anticipated...makes perfect sense given the numbers involved.  It was not meant as a complaint, but rather a mention just in case it was some sort of glitch and the mac version was supposed to be there on Steam too.  I suppose the numbers might even be worse re the Linux version, so no surprise it's not there either.  I am sorry the numbers aren't better, as I say, the more support for your efforts the better.  Hang in there, and thanks.  I have enjoyed the demo, and look forward to buying the full version.

Yeah, Linux users amount for even less than Mac users, although the both of them amount for 60% of tech support-related issues according to what we've read--that's not an issue with the players themselves, but rather how Apple isn't very developer and player-friendly (and there is only so much the peeps who make the Ren'py engine can do to fix issues related to Mac OSX update.)

If you run into any issue with our game builds on Mac, don't hesitate to tell us --we'll do our best to fix it!


i wish the full game was free T-T. still amazing though

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Hi meekimeeki,

We are 2 people with a dayjob and family lives who paid $6000 for the demo out of our own pocket, making this passion project out of our free time. The only reason we can keep making games with quality CGs, voice acting, custom music, etc... is because of the support of our fans. We literally cannot offer the full game for free because if we did, we would have no money to pay our artists, voice actors, musicians, etc... and we wouldn't be able to make more games.

If you are in a country with a currency that puts you at disadvantage, we suggest you follow us on Steam, where regional pricing may make this game more affordable to you.


oh! that makes a lot of sense, i did not think of all of this.


I just finished the demo and it was absolutely amazing UwU... I would definitely get the full version!

Just aside, the mandarin translation has a little error in setting, the full screen and window translation is opposite I'm pretty sure. Otherwise, awesome translation!

Thanks for the feedback! The Traditional Chinese translation will be fixed next update.


found the demo on steam earlier today, immediately went searching for more information. now I have it preordered and brought the first game these guys made, having played the demo for that as well.  I love the art and voice acting so far. well done guys :D


Thank you SO MUCH for supporting us! <3 We really appreciate it and we're so happy you enjoyed! Wish everyone on Steam was this diligent :D


fuck steam tbh, they will ban this game for german users when its out no doubt just because they are too lazy to implement a fucking id verification system. At least you can get the game here.


Actually we have a work out that. The Symbiant will be fully released on Steam but the SFW version only, and you'll be able to get the FREE adult patch either on the page (this one), our twitter @heartcoredev, or our website (coming soon). We do encourage ppl to get it on though - for the full NSFW experience without the hassle of installing a patch :D


Love the art, and the characters are really good too. definitely looking forward to full release

awesome!!! Thanks so much for the kind words, we're so happy you liked! Full game on schedule to release in October this year!

Is the artbook physical or digital? Wanna to get the all-in-one package but was worried about oversea delivery.

It's all digital!

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hot.  i cant wait for the full release, horny

We can't wait too, hehehe

my brain hurts trying to understand how the payment stuff works. Is there a time line for the full game release or is it still up in the air like a Kickstarter is needed? I really want to play but I'd rather pay for the full game for full play. Everything so far is amazing keep up the good work and I'm excited to see where this goes. 💙

Thanks for the kind words! Not gonna lie, we got very confused by the itch payment system at first too. Bottom line is that the game itself is set at $20, while paying more will give you side products like the DLC, OST, artbook, etc...

As for release date, our plan is to release the full game between October 2022 and April 2023. We have all the art assets and all scripts done; the most time-consuming part left to do is voice acting.

that's amazing! Will the full game be released for mobile as well? 


Yes! The SFW mobile version will be available on Google Play while the NSFW version will be available here alongside PC/Mac.


I'll have to deal with the sfw until I can get a laptop.   But I'm excited non the less 😁

Well... the tentacle is totally SFW :)

It all depends what you do with the tentacle :D

Danya is pretty handsome and hot that it's a criminal he's not a love interest X3


Well...he is THE main character of the game...hope that helps at least XD

I really enjoyed the demo and I'm waiting impatiently for the full release! :D The artwork is so smooth and that final scene with Brahve and the tentacles was very, very nice. :)


The quality of work is extremely well put together, the smoothness of each transition and the story telling is amazing, what a way to put a question in people's thoughts at the end of the demo. I'm looking forward to seeing the full game! 

Thank you this so much to us! T_T

We hope you enjoy the full game as much as you enjoyed the demo! Also our programmer Fable worked very hard on the game's transitions and they're glad you like them! :D

OMG!!!! This demo was so good I was screaming when Danya spoke cuz his voice was so smooth, I was falling in love lol! This game is something I will look forward to I was honestly gripping my seat the way Danya and Brahve were flirting with each other!!! Like DFXFGGG IT WAS SO CUTE!!! 

We looove the voice acting of The Symbiant too! Everyone did their best. Thanks for the kind words and we hope you'll like the full game when it come out too!


Is the only way to get the DLC's is through pledging? Will they be available to buy separately at some point?

Greetings! It will be available as a separate purchase once the game and DLCs are out.

The demo is amazing! the art is gorgeous, the characters are beautiful and I'm already so curious about how the story is going to go 😍 That Oatith reveal took me by surprise 👀

Btw, will Danya and Brahve have a somewhat equal number of scenes where they top/bottom in the full version? 

We're glad you liked the demo!

Well, you're more likely to see the both of them bottom, thanks to tentacles. Without being too spoilery there is not a big difference between the number of times Brahve and Danya top.

The demo was amazing! Just wanna clarify if i can still get the full nsfw android version if I back the project on KS?

 Awesome! Very glad you enjoyed the demo. And yes! Supporting us on Kickstarter gets you a full NSFW game on Android via an key.

I LOVE THE ART??!!? IT'S SO GOOD. *slides credit card across table* THE DEMO WAS FANTASTIC THANK YOU

Swweeet! That is amazing news <3 Thank you for your support! :D

Played the NSFW demo and damn am I left wanting more!!! This is looking amazing and I do hope you meet your goal!! The art style, the characters...just perfect!

Thank you so much for the kind words! <3 We're very happy to hear that you enjoyed the demo! Fingers crossed for a successful Kickstarter :D




I really REALLY love this game the art style super good and the story so far is really good too and don't get me start on the music <3 I can't wait to have the full game in hand <3<3<3 keep up the awesome work guys :D!!

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Thank you!!! You comment means the world to us T_T


Oh my, the art looks even better than in your previous game! I usually don't like yaoi for too cartoonish or feminine look of the male characters, but this one looks great. And tentacle monster.... oh my... Cannot wait!

We're glad you like the art! It was drawn by 700HASH this time and they did a wonderful job with each artpiece. <3


A question. Would it be possible to choose MC's position (top or bottom) during intimate scenes when the full game is released? 


You cannot choose their position, sorry. Whether they top or bottom is a plot point in several scenes and it would feel unnatural to let the player choose. You will however be able to skip any NSFW scene you don't like when they happen with a simple button.

Is there a special r eason why it's released on the Ides of March, or was that happenstance? 


We decided to release the demo around this period of the year back in November 2021. Actually, our original goal was to release the demo and launch the Kickstarter on February, but due to various circumstances it was pushed back to March. So, to answer your question there is no particular reason aside from being sure we'd be ready by then.

is the demo nsfw?

There will be 2 versions of the demo when it goes public: one them will be SFW and the other NSFW.

Unlocking Demo costs 20$ on Patreon? 

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Hi, there! Thanks for asking the question.

The demo will be public at some point next month, but for now it's only available in our Patreon in the $20 tier. Making a game, especially a quality, adult game is expensive and this demo alone cost us $6000 USD to make. Our patrons in that tier will also get access to new chapters every month.

In the content disclaimer, I see that there are  tentacle sex.   Will the tentacle sex scene be avoidable, please?

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Hi, there! Thank you for your interest in the project. 80% of the adult scenes have tentacles in them, so they are not avoidable. However, The Symbiant is a story-rich game so we are also making a SFW version of it so people can enjoy it without the adult content. :)


Also, just in case that's what you're worried about: all the tentacle scenes are consensual.


So hot!!!




Oooooh yes alien boys~


Oh wow the art looks really good for this I'm very excited.


Oh, I'm really looking forward to this! :)


Sounds good! :)

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