The After Stories Will Be Their Own Game!

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Greetings Terrans!

As the title says, the Steam page for The Symbiant: After Stories is officially LIVE! (As Coming Soon)

Even if you may have pre-ordered it already through itchio or Kickstarter, if you have a Steam account, please add it to your wishlist! We'd really appreciate the gesture as it greatly helps with visibility!

The first After Story will transport you to the planet of Cayama, where  in the main game Brahve finds Danya in the space port and confesses his  love to him. What happened to the Odarian in the last two years and why  is he so set on getting Danya back after breaking up with him? And where  in the world is the Symbiant?

In the second After Story with our  love birds you visit Odaria, Brahve’s homeworld where the team meets  his cousin. This story takes place after the happiest ending in the main game. You’ll get a chance to explore the luxurious hot spring resort, as well as the surrounding forest nearby and experience some exquisite  one-on-one times with Brahve.

Exotic forests, board games with  friends, and torrid intimate moments between the two men await in this  fun-packed adventure on a new alien planet!


  • First After Story: 17.5K words
  • Second After Story: 18K words
  • Approx 3 hours of play
  • 20+ CGs (not counting variations)
  • Full English voice over
  • Dialogue Choices
  • Original soundtrack

 Steam page here >

New planned release date

After much debating, we decided that The Symbiant: After Stories will be a separate game and not a DLC for a few reasons:

  • The After Stories became several times longer than we originally planned and although it's still shorter than the main game, its length is still relatively close.
  • We invested as much funds for the After Stories as we did for the main game, partially because we wanted to better compensate our contractors (our character and background artists, our voice acting crew, translators, etc...) on top of the project being a bit bigger than planned
  • In order to recoup this cost, we need its release at a later date to make as big an impact as possible with extended time for promotion

If you backed the "Precious Cargo" ($65/75 CAD) tier and up through Kickstarter or itchio, you will still receive a key for the After Stories as originally planned!

Due to the aforementioned reasons, we're pushing back the release date for The Symbiant: After Stories to February 2024 at the soonest, which we hope will give us enough time to both iron everything out as well as get the hype up.

Planned After Stories translations

Our current plan is to release the After Stories in the following languages:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Korean
  • Spanish

Thanks for reading and until next time!

- Team HCD

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I preordered the After Stories DLC here on itchio when I purchased the game (the $28 option). Could you please tell me what will happen with that preorder item? It's a bit unclear in the post. Thanks.

Hi mbowman!

On release, the After Stories will be downloadable in the main game page ( so you will automatically get access to it. We'll also create an "After Stories"-only itch product page for people who want to buy it separately. Hope that answers your question!


That's great, thank you!

Deleted 120 days ago

I hope you at least purchased our game and didn't just pirate it on f95 before requesting us to change it to your personal liking.

Deleted 120 days ago

I had a small panic about the first after story as that was not the ending I got! I read on and I think the second after story is the one that follows on after my ending! I am so excited to play the after stories however and cannot wait until release! Thank you for all your amazing and hard work!

Thanks for the kind words! We hope that you can enjoy both stories fully.