After Stories - July Progress Update

Greetings Terrans!

If you missed our last update, here's a reminder that you can wishlist The Symbiant: After Stories on Steam right now. It really helps with the game's visibility, even if you already pre-ordered a copy through this Kickstarter or itchio!

We'd also like to remind you that everyone is welcome to our Discord server.

Art - Backgrounds

We have tons of backgrounds in the works right now for the second after story. Rebecca finished another piece of a lush Odarian forest while we requested a set of Cayaman skies from Sitai for the first story --they weren't originally planned but we find them neat!

Art - CGs

When Doubleleaf started inking 700HASH's sketches several months ago, they were able to ink and color Danya and Brahve, but not the background behind them. Thanks to the landscapes we received recently, Doubleleaf can now adjust the CGs to the décor they belong to.

In the meantime, we went "screw it, let's add some more scenes" and commissioned 3 more sketches from 700HASH to go with 3 cute little scenes we wrote in the Odaria After Story. Hope you'll like them! :D


We commissioned 2 tracks from Astrophysics, one of which will be used as the After Stories' main theme.

After Stories beta: scene 5 and 6 are out

A misunderstanding and a feast, and then more words of wisdom from Juniper. You can check the beta on Patreon or itchio!

See you later :D

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I'm so excited. (♡´◉◡◉`♡)