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In the year of 2066, biologically engineered humanoids known as ‘biots’ make up a large percentage of the workforce.

The protagonist of Synthetic Lover is one such biot and, like the rest of his colleagues, he lives to serve a single purpose – to fulfill his pre-programmed vocation. In his case, that’s to be a companion in an adult entertainment center known as Dollhouse.

Biots are servants who exist as lifeless dolls until being activated upon request, their self-awareness is sealed off by design, taking with it their ability to think or feel of their own free will… That’s how the protagonist’s days go until the chance appearance of an opportunistic thief with a mysterious device in his possession...

Synthetic Lover is a Sci-Fi story about an individual who, unwillingly, finds out what it’s like to be human, to deal with hardships, overwhelming emotions, anxious thoughts, difficult situations and the imperfectness of life. It’s a journey of discovery, finding connection with others, fostering friendships, attempting to remain aware and mindful in the face of adversity and, ultimately, finding love.

Content warning: This visual novel contains mild profanity, use of alcohol, nudity,  and explicit images and descriptions featuring sexual intercourse between men.

This game was funded on Kickstarter

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date Dec 16, 2021
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(88 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, bl, Dating Sim, Eroge, Erotic, Gay, LGBT, Romance, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksTwitter, Blog, Homepage, Discord Server


Buy Now$24.99 USD or more

In order to download this visual novel you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $24.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Synthetic Lover PC - Adult R-18 1 GB
Version 7
Synthetic Lover Mac - Adult R-18 1 GB
Version 2
Synthetic Lover Official Choice Guide PDF 1 MB
if you pay $26.99 USD or more
Synthetic Lover OST - 14 tracks - MP3 50 MB
if you pay $27.99 USD or more
Synthetic Lover OST - 14 tracks - WAV 628 MB
if you pay $27.99 USD or more
Synthetic Lover Digital Artbook 96 MB
if you pay $29.99 USD or more

Download demo

Synthetic Lover Demo for PC 551 MB
Synthetic Lover Demo for Mac 517 MB
Steam ONLY Patch [place in Game folder if you bought SL on Steam] 77 MB

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Good game

I played the extended demo, just wished there was an app for this game since I cannot play this game on my iPad. I’m so eager to play but don’t have the money to get a laptop 😭

Wow, what a lovely, well-made game. It's super clear how much dedication was poured into the script and the art. Amazing job, this is def one of the highest quality bl games out there period imo (and I've played A LOT).  Everything goes so seamlessly together, from the backgrounds to the interface design.  Cheers to the devs!

I got the guide, did Bastian's route  with all the different endings first and liked it a lot, so switching to Terrance was pretty drastically different. I'll admit, at first, I did not like him lol, but then thier romance got to build gradually unlike the whirlwind with Bastian (boy, he's a disaster but we love to see it). My favorite ending tho was the friendship with Terrance and romance with Karim. :3

Really enjoy what I've played thus far. Great work! The backgrounds are just stunning. So far, I've only played the Bastien route, but I couldn't access any NSFW content? Wondering if I'm not doing something that I should be. There are no preference changes that I can do and my download file says it's Adult R 18.

hey, Lou! Glad you're enjoying the game so far!
Are you playing via Steam or If you are playing on Steam you need to install the Free adult patch (Available on steam)
If you got the game on then the adult patch is already integrated.
Next: Did you get the romantic path? At least a Kiss? Or did you the Friendship path?  To get the NSFW content you need to follow the romantic path. Here's a very comprehensive walk through that should be able to help you out > follow the "Dominating Lover" path.
Hope that helps!

Got it sorted, thanks so much! I thought Steam had a patch, I guess I just wasn't looking hard enough.

Awesome, glad it's all sorted :D

(1 edit)

Bought the game on steam and love it but it was funny went if first heard Terrance his last name and I was like "Wait? His last name is Foster? as I use the same last name for a OC of mine" so yeah to me it was funny. Oh also got 100% on the achievements.

Congrats on the 100% of the achievements! that's a big deal :D

Hi! Just played through the demo and I loved it! 

I was planning to buy the game on steam, but I notice the steam version only supports PC? But the version supports both pc and mac? I was really hoping to buy on steam (I like all my games stored in the same place) but I'm a mac user and I wouldn't be able to play it. Why is this the case? 

If there is any help or info I could get about that I'd be more than happy to buy in a flash! I'm very eager to play after the awesome demo :D

Side question: Do Terrance and Bastian interact with each other even after the route splits in the intro? I really liked their interactions, I hope the other doesn't dissapear entirely after the choice! 

Hi there! Thanks for giving the Synthetic Lover demo a shot!
We've had some technical difficulties with a Mac version on Steam, and haven't figured out a way around yet unfortunately.

Bastian and Terrance do interact in the game again, in Bastian's route.

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Played through both Bastian and Terrance's routes in 3 days. I have quite a few trophies still to get but, I don't know if I have it in me to just do the friendship routes with either of them. I also do not know which romance I like more. I did Bastian first and damn.....I did the bad ending with him and nope'd so hard and immediately reloaded!!! 

Then I took on Terrance's romance. They are both so so good!!! I think....I maybe like Bastian's more as his character looks so much like my FO4 character!! Right down to the hair style and colour. Anyway, both routes had humour, intimate moments, such sweet parts with them getting to know each other and ofcourse, the hot sex added in!! Damn Terrance is a bit kinky!!!!  The art work in the sex scenes was amazing!!!!

I loved the voice acting, even down to characters that didn't have many lines, they were voiced wonderfully, like Estel. Also, Riko is an angel. I adore her and how she calls Ian Sunshine! I am now off to play Bastian's route all over again just to hear his lovely voice!!!

Best of luck for the Symbiant kickstarter. Played it's demo before I bought this game and I am very much looking forwards to playing the full thing!

Hi there! Thank you so much for your comment and all the good things you said about the game! It really brightened my day <3<3<3 and its super duper encouraging!
I love people's feedback on the romance and the different characters. So glad you liked Riko too, she's such a sweetheart!
And double thank you for supporting The Symbiant! Your help is so very appreciated! We will make sure to make a game worthy of amazing fans such as yourself <3

First I just wanted to say that I tore through this game and really enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for Bastian, goodness. It was actually rather hard to force myself through the bad ends.

But second, Dr. Cerys is such a freaking social worker haha. My eyes narrowed so hard when she started with those questions.

Yey! So glad you enjoyed the game! Thank you so much for letting us know! Bastian is pretty easy to like, isn't he ? <3

But, yeah the bad endings are meant to be "bad" to contrast with the happy ones.

Thanks for the feedback about Dr Cerys! It's actually a character created from the ground up by one of our Kickstarter backers :)


this VN was amazinggggg like yall put yall whole BACKS, LEGS, ARMS, and EVERYTHING into this one!!! it was just such an amazing  experience cant wait to see what comes next 🤩

(1 edit)

Thank you so much for the kind words! The love is really appreciated! 
We also just released the demo for our new game The Symbiant exactly 2 days ago, so feel free to check it out :D

Really liked Bastien and the chemistry between Ian and him.  Always in for a grump and sunshine story. =)

That's so great to hear! Very glad you enjoyed <3

unit 532 sure gets into some wonderful positions with Bastian :D

Glad you like :D

i just finished the game and  i got all the 18 endings but i didnt get  synthetic aficionado  but i loved the game very much and cant wait for more.

(1 edit)

Hi, there! So happy you enjoyed the game! <3 We'll definitely going look into the achievement thing, to make sure this is fixed. Will keep you posted !

Thank you so much 😁

is there any other way to  download the patch i tried   . I  bought the game on steam but it did not work  with patch :(  

is there link ?  

try this link:

Is there an option to choose an MC with short hair in the full game, or is that gonna be a no; just wondering :)

Hello there! There is no customization for the MC in this game.

Please make it possible to just download the patch on itchio. I just bought the game on steam, but due to my country`s restrictions, I am unable to download the patch.

Sorry to hear, that's unfortunate!

I just uploaded it here on Please place in the "game" folder of your SL game files.

Thank you kindly!

is there any news about steam release?


Yes! We have great news to share! Synthetic Lover just got released on steam today:

is Karim a love option?


Not really! He's an NPC Ian can potentially get physical with if he wants to.


Would it be possibe for people who orderd the game before the guide was released with the price increased to get a copy?

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Definitely! I just made it available as a separate Item here on

Hello can I have the guide too please? I dont know how to get the other endings D:

Sure thing! Feel free to email me at [@ } 

I can't seem to get the routes to activate, idk what I'm doing wrong ;(

Can you please explain what you mean by activate? Which point are you stuck at? 

all good now that I got the walkthrough ^^


Awesome! Glad that helped! :P


just finished both routes I really love this game very good <3 

<3 That is music to my ears! Thank you so much for posting to let me know! Very glad you enjoyed the game! :D


just got the good ending for Bastian. Wow! amazing writing, really tugs at the emotions and feels! well done Irlana and team!

Awesome! So happy to hear that you enjoyed! Really appreciate the kind words, it means a lot! <3

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lowkey do you guys plan to make a guide? ive played multiple times for both routes and changed my choices and the ending always stays the same?
Bastian, we become bros with Kiko and meet up
Terrance, I end up with Karim
I cant tell if its an error or if its just one single choice I keep missing thats getting in the way? Its getting to the point where it's admittedly really frustrating to play.

(1 edit)

hey, Cornber!  thanks for reaching out! A guide is already available please email me at [ @ ] and I'll send it to you!

>3< can i have one too o/!

sure! please email me [ @ ]

Heho, I need some too please :) I always get Karims End T_T

Will be happy to help! Please email me [ @ ]

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You just have to answer everything in a way you clearly show intrest along with things that are in no way violent, you will know youre doing it right if you get a massage sequence that happens towars the middlesh end.  (After you get relocated to the new job and home).

well said! :D

This is truly fantastic Irlana!!! Love the artwork and the story line, keep up the great work!!

Thanks so much for the kind words! This is really encouraging <3

You're welcome! You are doing an amazing job!!

having issues launching the vn, running a windows surface pro Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300U CPU @ 2.60GHz   2.71 GHz, installed through app. Hit launch, I can see it briefly launch for a split second then do nothing.  does not fully launch or run

running windows 10

We tested and we are confirming the issue: the game is not launching through the itch app. The temporary fix is to launch outside of the app. Looking into the fix asap and will keep you posted.

The issue has been fixed and the game should now launch through the app on PC. Working on fixing for mac.

Confirming - the Mac version is also launching and running well through the app! :)

that was quick, thank you very much.

you're welcome! hope you enjoy the game :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Will buyers get a Steam key later?

Actually we're doing one or the other at this time. Thank you for your interest!

Any ETA for Steam release? :)

I think I saw it on the upcoming games section but it's not there anymore.

(1 edit)

The Steam release is going to happen within a month. We prefer not to give an exact date yet in case the build gets approved faster and we can release earlier. Thank you for your patience!

Hi, Is the Mc is bottom only or there will be an option to top Terrence too? The game looks amazing bytw and I can't wait for it to be released 


You will be able to top Terrance in the game :)

Hi I like your graphics I have to ask, are you still developing the game? and if so when is it programmed to be released?

hey there! Yes, the game is still being worked on! The plan is to release it this year :) 2021


Thank you !Good Luck with your game I am  probably gonna play it too!


Are we getting android vesion? 


Yes, the Android version will be released eventually.

Hiii!!!! I can't wait for the release!! I hope everything is going well!

Hi-hi! thanks so much for your interest! We're working hard to get this released asap!

The demo was so, so nice! Looking forward to purchasing the game!

Thanks so much for your kind words! Hopefully you'll like the full game when it's out too! <3

Loved the demo! Super excited for the full game release. With the combo of good sprites, BGs, music, and VAs, this looks like it will easily become one of the best games in the genre!

So happy you loved the game! Thanks so much for the feedback, it means a lot! We'll do our best to make this as good as it can be!

the demo was awesome i cant wait for the full game to be released will defo be getting this one :) keep up the good work guys x

Thanks so much for the kind words! We're working hard to get the game out this year! :D

What's new in the new updated demo?

Details about the new features can be found in the Dev Update  :D

So... is this still being worked on?


Hi, there! Yes, we're definitely still working on the game! Full version is scheduled to come out during the summer of 2021. Regular monthly updates are available on our Kickstarter page. You may also find updates on our Twitter! :)

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wow.. you're here with SL! how could i miss this? lucky there's yaoiRecs :D

been ages since we "met" on DA, then i checked the lemmasoft page a coupla times.. glad you're on itch and funded! gonna play the demo, really looked forward to this for a long time, YAY! btw, are you gonna stay on itch only or try to get this on steam?

EDIT: now i've played the demo.. omgomgomg, it's even better than i thought! i knew it would be awesome from what i saw on lemmasoft.. but still, the demo blew my mind! can't wait until it comes out (hope you guys are all well btw, in these times...). this game is in my top 5 of best VN ever!

hey hey! so glad you enjoyed the demo ^_^ thank for the kind words, that's super encouraging <3 the plan is to do both and steam releases.

sorry never read my notices… wishlisted it on steam ^^


Congratulations on a successful campaign!😀 

I literally only came across this as the kickstater finished and didn't get a chance to jump in on the pledge.😭

So I have to ask whether there will be a pre-order stage between now and the release for those that missed the kickstarter?


Thank you very much! We're super thrilled we got the needed funding! Sorry you missed it!

In terms of pre-order, at the moment it's still a bit too early to say, but we'll definitely look at our options once the dust settles and keep you posted.


Hey, congrats on the success of the Kickstarter! It was a last minute success, but a success non the less! I'm happy for you and I can't wait to have access to new beta builts now!


Thank you so much! <3 It was a crazy race against time but we are so glad the goals was reached! We're just about to catch our breath and embark on the next phase! We're one giant step closer to those beta builds now :) <3

Are you going to make an android version of this game?? Im just curious OwO


We definitely will at some point!

Oh, ok, hehe ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ.

Deleted 1 year ago

We're super glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for making the play through! :D <3