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Hi, everyone!

Most people don't know this but I'm (Irlana) a Ukrainian living in Canada for the past 20 years. What happened two weeks ago devastated me more that I could have imagined. I haven't been to Ukraine since 2003. Seeing images of the cities destroyed (was born in Kyiv), people living in bunkers with little kids, and the sheer amount of suffering keeps breaking my heart every day. So I wanted to do something to help.

I didn't make for the Ukraine itch bundle, because I didn't realize on time that they don't accept adult games, and by the time I made the SFW version of SL they stopped accepting games. So I'm running this sale now.

I looked around for a while to decide on what organization to pick to donate and I finally found one that seems to be doing the most impact. At least the help seems very immediate, which is incredibly important.

They are - they are based all over Europe and ran by volunteers. People in Ukraine can get in touch with them to request help for evacuation and financial help for those who can't leave.

They also work with psychologists who help Ukrainians under fire and bombing attacks in their cities.  In addition to helping people leave ⁣, the organization also follows people through to the border, connects them to volunteers in other countries. If necessary, helps them find and pay for housing. Often, people they helped join their team as volunteers.

The reports of their activities are available on their Instagram page:

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