Synthetic Lover is RELEASED!

Hello everyone! Today is the BIG DAY!

Synthetic Lover is now officially released after being 4 years in the making!

The PC and Mac builds are fully operational and launch/run through the app! :D

Happy and proud of all the hard work our team has put in! It's been a such an incredible journey!!!
Please check out the game and enjoy yourself some hot and juicy bl! <3

Get Synthetic Lover - Adult 18+

Buy Now$24.99 USD or more


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Congrats on the release!

thats cool if we also can get night and day too it will be extra cool ^^

Thanks for ur hard work 

Hahaha, working hard on it, don't worry, I'm not going anywhere until it's finished! 

And I hope it turns out half as shiny and cool as SL!



The Steam release is going to happen within a month. We prefer not to give an exact date yet in case the build gets approved faster and we can release earlier. Thank you for your patience!

Awesome! Can't wait to play the game) Congrats on release!