$1200 donated + Kickstarter at 42%

Hey, everyone!

A quick update to say a HUGE thank you from the bottom of my heart to those contributing in the Refugee help in Ukraine SALE that I ran last week for Synthetic Lover.  My heart was soaring from so many generous donations <3. It's hard to express with words how much this means to me, having all of you help out so together we're able to make a difference in lives of people currently in distress.

We were able to transfer a total of $1200 USD to the https://helpingtoleave.org/en  (The website has now been translated in English!)- ran by a large group of volunteers (working for free!) every dollar goes to helping pay for food, medication, arranging transportation or providing other humanitarian aid.  They set us a system where Ukrainians are able to reach out to them via the Telegram app, and are responded by a volunteer (within hours) trained in providing assistance. Their help is efficient and immediate which is so important! Reports and testimonials available here >

Thank you again <3


On a slightly different note, me and my friend Fable launched a Kickstarter for our new BL Game, The Symbiant on March 15.

We had a really amazing start with funding reading 33% in the first 24H. We're currently at 42% and climbing steadily thanks to all our amazing supporters! Click here to visit our Kickstarter or check out the progress on The Symbiant's development (how far we've come!) on this page here! The game features romance, steamy scenes and is fully voiced!

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